FAQs - Scrap'n Easel

Can I buy Additional Magnets?
Yes. You will find additional magnets for sale under our Shop All tab.

Can I buy Scrap' Easel in stores?
Scrap' Easel is a new product and most of our sales are on the internet. However, we do have retailers shown on our Retailer's Page. Scrap'n Easel is not yet available in the big box stores.

Can I cut on Scrap'n Easel?
No! Scrap'n Easel is not a cutting surface. The surface is made of vinyl and is not suitable for a cutting surface. Returns and/or exchanges can not be accepted for Scrap'n Easel surfaces that have been damaged from cutting

Does Scrap'n Easel Come In Other Colors?
No. Black was chosen as the only color for Scrap'n Easel so that the color of the easel will not interfere with the colors of your designs.

What is the extra Velcro set used for?
Two sets of Velcro are included with your Scrap'n Easel. One, obviously is to be used to keep the easel closed. The other is to be used if you are using the easel in "display" mode. An additional velcro dot can be placed on the outside of the tab to "pull" the tab to the back of the easel. This way the tab will not be in the way when you are demonstrating using Scrap'n Easel.

Do you sell to retailers or offer volume discounts?

Yes. We are happy to work with retailers and bulk buyers. Please e-mail us your inquiry for additional information at [email protected]

Do you have a mailing list?

Yes. You there is a "Join Our Mailing List" link on the Home page of our site.

Do You Have A Guarantee?

Yes. You can read about it on our Guarantee Page.

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