FAQs - Scrap'n Easel

     Can I buy Additional Magnets?
     Yes.  You will find additional magnets for sale under Our Products/Scrap'n Easel.

     Can I buy Scrap' Easel in stores?
     Scrap' Easel is a very new product and most of our sales are on the internet. However, we do have retailers  shown on our Retailer's Page.  Scrap'n Easel is not yet available in the big box stores.

      Can I cut on Scrap'n Easel?
      No!  Scrap'n Easel is not a cutting surface.  The surface is made of vinyl and is not suitable for a cutting surface.    Returns and/or exchanges can not be accepted for Scrap'n Easel surfaces that have been damaged from cutting

     Does Scrap'n Easel Come In Other Colors?
     No.  Black was chosen as the only color for Scrap'n Easel so that the color of the easel will not interfere with the colors  of your designs.

     What is the extra Velcro set used for?
     Two sets of Velcro are included with your Scrap'n Easel.  One, obviously is to be used to keep the easel closed.  The other is to be used if you are using the easel in "display" mode.  An additinal velcro dot can be placed on the outside of the tab to "pull" the tab to the back of the easel.  This way the tab will not be in the way when you are demonstrating using Scrap'n Easel.

FAQs - Scrap'n Tote

Will Cricut Imagine Cartridges & Books Fit In Scrap'n Tote?

Yes.  The cartridges for the Imagine are smaller, but they fit just fine.

How Do I Use The Scrap'n Velcro Security Straps?

The Scrap'n Velcro Security Straps can be used when you are traveling with your Scrap'n Tote.  You can apply one through the handle, or two on either side of the handle.  This just gives you a little more closure security when traveling.  If you are only using Scrap'n Tote at home you probably do not need Scrap'n Velcro Security Straps.

    Do you sell just the binder?

 No. Not at this time.

Can I buy just the insert sheets?

 Yes.  Additional or replacement insert sheets can be purchased separately by clicking on the order page   in the menu bar for $6.99 each.  Remember however that these sheets will not fit (edge to edge) in a conventional binder.  The Scrap'n Tote binder and the insert sheets are custom designed to fit together.

Will Scrap'n Tote Hold Standard 3 Hole Punch Items?

Yes.  If you wish to add your personal items that have a standard 3 hole punch, (i.e. a ruler)  they will fit in Scrap'n Tote, however, the overall size of Scrap'n Tote (edge to edge)  will not match your item.

Why doesn't Scrap'n Tote have standard 3 rings like other binders?

It was necessary to design Scrap'n Tote as a "Catalog Binder" or "High Capacity Binder"  so it could have the large 6 inch spine and hold the 12 insert sheets.   Standard 3 ring binders can not be made this large.  "Catalog Binders" are expensive to manufacture.  EXAMPLE:  Click the link below to visit a site selling a standard 8 1/2" x 11" Catalog Binders.   (Scrap'n Tote measures 13" x 14 1/'2") 

Notice that the standard size binder has a much smaller spine, is much more expensive than Scrap'n Tote, and does not include the custom insert sheets, velcro dots, clear adhesive tabs, convenient carrying handles  or complimentary clear metal zipper pouch.

To price compare on Catalog Binders Click the link below. 

Click For Price Comparison Catalog Binders  


Can Scrap'n Tote Hold More Than 36 Cricut Cartridges, Books, & Overlays.

No.  We do not recommend filling your binder with more than 36 Cartrdidges, Books & Overlays.  Scrap'n Tote was specifically designed NOT to hold more because it becomes too heavy.  If you add more insert pages and try to carry more than than the 12 sheet recommendation you will not be able to get the handles together and could possibly damage your Scrap'n Tote as it was not designed to carry the excess weight.

When and where will you be showing Scrap'n Tote?

We are currently working on our show schedule and will post it as soon as it is completed.  We just finished showing at the CHA Craft SuperShow in Chicago in July 2011.

Do you sell to retailers or offer volume discounts?

Yes.  We are happy to work with retailers and bulk buyers.  Please e-mail us your inquiry for additional information at ContainYaCrafts@aol.com

    Do you have a mailing list?

Yes.  You there is a "Join Our Mailing List" link on the Home page of our site.

    Do You Have A Guarantee?

Yes.  You can read about it on our Guarantee Page.

    Shipping Information: